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Deepen & Broaden

Our Opportunity

WCGS is initiating a campus expansion project to broaden and deepen its impact on the needs of current and new students. This project enables WCGS to be more available, educational, and transformative and impact all areas of learning, discipleship, and student life. 

The building project is split into two phases to support healthy growth. Phase one of the building project is to break ground in summer 2024 and begin working on the junior high wing, innovation hub, atrium, and parking addition. Phase two of the project will include building a multi-purpose gymnasium, foyer, and renovating some existing learning spaces to better support students.


Construct a new junior high wing with 13-15 new classrooms to allow us to accommodate four sections at every grade level over time, maintaining a quality student-to-teacher ratio.

Innovation Hub

Create a new innovation lab/tech lab/think tank for use in all grade levels. This space will have an open floor design where students will discover, design, engineer, and work together.


Develop an atrium to welcome our community, host events, foster student connection, and nurture parent involvement.


Construct a new multi-purpose gymnasium to provide an improved experience for athletics and physical education as well as provide additional capacity for daily school activities and all-school functions. This phase also includes building a foyer and renovating some existing learning spaces.

Our Need & Invitation

We believe God has more in store for Wheaton Christian Grammar School.

The anticipated cost for the first phase of the building project is $17-$18M. We are so grateful to already have $14M committed or contributed to the Faithful Capital Campaign. Therefore, we feel confident taking a step of faith forward in this project. Phase two of this vision will require an additional $7M-$8M, bringing our total building cost to $24M-$26M. We lift this need to God and follow His guidance in building and funding this important effort to broaden and deepen our impact.

Our faith has shown us that this God-sized vision for WCGS can be realized through the generosity of those impacted by God’s work at this school. We encourage those who believe in our mission to partner with us as we raise up the next generation to use their hearts, minds, and hands to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

We invite you to experience the goodness of a faithful God by partnering with us in support of the WCGS Faithful Capital Campaign. Your financial investment in today’s expansion plan will generate a transformational impact on future generations.

Questions? Contact Joanne DeGroot, Development Coordinator.

Deepen & Broaden

A Spirit-led Vision

Over the next five years, WCGS is asking God to deepen and broaden our impact on children, our families, and the communities we serve. There is one foundation and three Pillars in our future vision.

Biblically Faithful

The Bible is the Foundation for all that we do. Our focus is on faithfully sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and building a community of Christ followers who demonstrate love for God and love for others by walking in obedience to God’s Word.

Transformative Experience

WCGS will continue to establish environments for life-changing spiritual, intellectual, relational and physical growth for our students.

Educational Excellence

WCGS desires to expand our educational environment to offer more intentional experiences and foster intellectual curiosity. As we continue to grow, we desire to support our teachers with better tools and insights to continue developing students.

Availabile to Mission-fit Families

WCGS desires to broaden its reach into the local community. This includes meeting the needs of a growing population of mission-fit families, providing Christian education to more students in all K-8 grade levels. We see an exciting opportunity to develop four-track classrooms for all grade levels over time.

Why Now?

1. Education in a Shifting Culture: Students today face daily choices that require moral discretion – perhaps more than ever before in our school’s history. Cultural shifts toward materialism, relativism, secularism, and individualism encourage the false belief that the Bible, and the truths contained therein, has no authority over students’ daily lives. Families are prioritizing Christian education in record numbers as a result..

2. Capacity: WCGS neared full capacity in the 2023-2024 school year, and demand is expected to continue increasing for the foreseeable future. To be available to more students and families, solutions must be activated soon to address current and future growth constraints. There is already a deficit in classrooms for students and a lack of space for others in the WCGS community to gather on campus.

3. Innovative Learning Spaces: Today, there is an urgent need for open spaces that foster innovation and collaboration among students at all grade levels. More than ever, students need innovative and hands-on learning opportunities to ensure they are prepared for rigorous secondary education, post-secondary education, and the careers of tomorrow.

Make a Pledge

One spiritual highlight was hearing our 5th grader recite her memorized chapters from Isaiah as we neared Christmas break, then watching her light up as our pastor read from the same verses at our Christmas Eve service. She whispered to all of us, “I know these verses! This is what we memorized at school!” That connection between what she is hearing at church and getting reinforced during the week at school is invaluable.

The Hilde Family

I really didn’t know how much a community could change you until Wheaton Christian. I switched to this school in third grade where I was immediately met by one of the best teachers. I also was surrounded by classmates that spurred me on, which I was not used to. It was all a big change for me. I could see it in the little things like how kind people were to each other on the playground and how much the teachers truly cared for you. I had entered into a community that would change my life, and is still changing my life to this day.

Elijah ’23

We have valued moments like unprompted dinner conversations as a family around the chapel topic, a Scripture memory verse, or the life lessons the boys were learning from godly teachers. Moments like our oldest son participating as a 6th grader in student-led Bible studies led by 8th graders who are pouring into underclassmen and teaching them how to love reading their Bible. Our boys are thriving in every way, and WCGS could not be a better partner for us as parents.

The Bankord Family

Performing the role of Mary Poppins could have been overwhelming and intimidating, but the directors reminded me that I was ultimately performing for the Lord, which helped me get into a good mindset. During this experience, I learned to trust God with the plan He has for me, as I could see all that He had done to prepare and equip me for being a part of this show.

Charlotte ’24

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