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Administrative Team

Head of School

Mr. Jeff Brooke (WCGS ’98)

office: x 215


Mr. Marc Painter (WCGS ’97)

office: x 260

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Mrs. Susan Macaluso

office: x 230


8th Grade Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Sharenda Barlar

office: x 289

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Maddie Baumgarten (WCGS ’13)

office: x 276

Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Bill Bickhart

office: x 255

Academic Specialist

Mrs. Megan Bickhart

office: x 259

Academic Specialist

Mrs. Lori Bode (WCGS ’97)

office: x 241

4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Terri Bradford

office: x 250

1st Grade Aide

Mrs. Kendra Bratt

office: x 520

Kindergarten Aide, Lunchroom Supervisor

Mrs. Angela Broman

office: x 290

Jr High Studio Art Teacher

Mrs. Rachel Brooke

office: x 238

Library Media Center Director

Mrs. Jennifer Brown

office: x 222

K-5th Grade Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Valerie Busch

office: x 247

3rd Grade Instructional Aide & Academic Specialist

Mrs. Jennie Cathey

office: x 286

6th & 7th Grade Spanish Teacher, 5th Grade Instructional Aide

Mrs. Michelle Clousing

office: x 213

Jr High Bible Teacher/ 8th Grade Homeroom

Mr. Mike Cherry

office: x 266

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Andrea Estabrook

office: x 271

6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Sarah Fernandes

office: x 273

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lindsey Feyerer (WCGS ’13)

office: x 267

Reading Specialist

Mrs. Jennifer Fraser

office: x 514

Student Services Coordinator (6-8)

Miss Josie Garrett

office: x 239

1st Grade Aide

Mrs. Sarah Green

office: x 518

1st Grade Teacher

Miss Abi Gum

office: x 291

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Anne Thorson (WCGS ’15)

office: x 292

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Susan Heidelman

office: x 279

4th Grade Teacher

Miss Lindsay Holwerda

office: x 282

Jr High English Teacher/7th Grade Homeroom

Mr. Daniel Huttenlock

office: x 280

Student Services Director (6-8) & School Social Worker

Mrs. Mandy Jasper

office: x 272

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Brenda Johnson

office: x 252

6th Grade Teacher & Spiritual Formation Specialist

Mr. Eric Johnson

office: x 268

Multi Media Literacy Teacher

Mrs. Julie Jones

office: x 288

Student Services Coordinator (K-5)

Mrs. Lisa Kainer

office: x 253

Reading Specialist (K-3)

Mrs. Joanne King

office: x 275

3rd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Karen Kruse

office: x 265

K-3 Music Teacher

Mrs. Lea Lamb

office: x 231

6th Grade Teacher, STEAM Coordinator & Jr High Coordinator

Mrs. Jacqueline Lauriat

office: x 254

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Kim Legel

office: x 277

Jr High History & English Teacher/7th Grade Homeroom

Mr. Jake Lindstedt

office: x 284

4th Grade Instructional Aide

Mrs. Nicole Linhardt

office: x 512

Jr High Literature Teacher/8th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Jackie Messer

office: x 287

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Kathy Mitchell

office: x 281

Extended Care (after-school)

Mrs. Snezhana Minyakov

office: x 243

Orchestra Teacher & 7th/8th Music Foundations Teacher

Mrs. Emily Mittlestaedt

office: x 262

Athletic Director & Physical Education Teacher

Mr. D.A. Nichols

office: x 256

7th & 8th Grade Concert Choir, 6th Grade Music Foundations

Mrs. Delena Ollila

office: x 217

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Cynthia Olsen

office: x 278

Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Julie O’Malley

office: x 510

Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Kelly Peacock

office: x 264

Library Aide & Extended Care (before-school)

Mrs. Jennifer Pierson

office: x 220

5th Grade Teacher

Miss Annie Rhoads

office: x 270

Jr High Math Teacher/8th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Jennifer Rodriguez

office: x 234

2nd Grade Instructional Aide

Mrs. Amber Ryndak

office: x 227

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Marybeth Sauter (WCGS ’74)

office: x 285

Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Jordan Schaubroeck

office: x 263

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Brittany Schwarzkopf

office: x 269

1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lindsey Sharrar

office: x 274

Jr High Math and Leadership Teacher, Student Leadership & Outreach Coordinator

Mr. Michael Simon

office: x 214

5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Amber Snoeyink

office: x 261

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Annie Sparacio

office: x 235

Art Teacher

Mrs. Audra Spradley

office: x 240

Jr High Science Teacher/7th Grade Homeroom

Mr. Luke Spradley

office: x 229

Jr High Math Teacher & Academic Specialist

Mrs. Nicole Todd

office: x 237

Student Services Director (K-5)

Mrs. Heather VanWagner

office: x 293

Junior High Girl P.E.

Mrs. Caroline Wasko

office: x 516

2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Maddy Williams (WCGS ’13)

office: x 233

General Music (4-5), Band, Jazz Ensemble, 6th Grade Choir

Mr. David Wright

office: x 257

Math Specialist

Mrs. Alyssa Zarn (WCGS ’06)

office: x 283



Mrs. Deborah Cairncross

office: x 226

Development Coordinator

Mrs. Joanne DeGroot

office: 201

School Nurse

Mrs. Danette Farrell

office: x 258

Administrative Assistant to the Head of School

Mrs. Lauren Fortosis

office: x 212

Curriculum Coordinator

Mr. Jon Gabriele

office: x 242

Technology Director

Mr. Stephen Johnson (WCGS ’74)

office: x 248

Director of Security

Mr. John Koslosky

office: x 218

Maintenance Director

Mr. Pete Lindner

office: x 219

Office Assistant

Mrs. Shannon McDonald (WCGS ’96)

office: x 225

Maintenance Technician

Mr. Artem Minyakov

office: x 295

Admissions Coordinator

Mrs. Kimberly Norbeck

office: x 216

School Nurse

Mrs. Bess Paull

office: x 251

Custodial Night Supervisor

Mr. Antonio Rodriguez

office: x 297

Business Director

Mrs. Evangeline Schock

office: x 232

Marketing Specialist

Mrs. Ingrid Seager (WCGS ’12)


Mrs. Ann Vander Klok

office: x 210

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Beth Wright (WCGS ’74)

office: x 236


Mr. Paulino Rua


Mr. Alejandro Zaragoza

office: x 246

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