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About Us


Wheaton Christian Grammar School exists, under the authority of God and His Word, to educate, train, and nurture children for godliness and excellence, equipping them to engage and transform their world for Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement 

Wheaton Christian Grammar School will be a biblically faithful and transformative K-8 educational institution available to those who desire a Christian education and support the school’s mission and values.

Vision Statement created and approved by the WCGS Board of Directors on August 13, 2001; Revised and approved on March 3, 2015; Revised and approved on April 14, 2018

Core Values
  1. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.
  2. The Bible is the source of all truth, authoritative in all matters.
  3. Education is best achieved through a partnership with parents and educators.
  4. Effective education will make use of advances in curriculum, technology, and teaching methods.
  5. A strong foundation in academic, artistic, athletic, social, and spiritual disciplines is necessary for the fulfillment of one's potential in life.
  6. Every community benefits from individuals who have been taught to pursue excellence and to obey God's authority.

Wheaton Christian Grammar School has had the privilege of educating, training, and nurturing thousands of students over the past 80 years. Our history has been a testimony to the vision and prayers of God's people. Acting on that vision and relying on a loving, gracious, and faithful God, we have experienced His blessings. Our locations may have changed, but our mission to educate, train, and nurture children for godliness and excellence has remained the same. To read more about the history of WCGS, click here.

Student Body


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More Facts
  • Average class size: 17 (K-5) & 20 (6-8)
  • 315 school families
  • Over 26 Chicago suburbs represented
  • Families attend 90 different churches
  • 100% of classrooms have academic-enhancing technology
  • 47% of faculty have Masters' and above
  • 100% of faculty and staff follow Jesus Christ
Accredited By

Wheaton Christian Grammar School has full nonpublic school recognition from the Illinois State Board of Education and is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and by AdvancED (NCA CASI). All full-time faculty are licensed by both the Illinois State Board of Education and ACSI. 

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