A Graduate Testimonial

When I came to Wheaton Christian Grammar School as a fifth-grade transfer student, I was quite shy and nervous about transferring to a bigger school where I knew no one. On the first day of school, when I timidly walked through the front doors, I was instantly greeted by many of my new peers, teachers, and administrators. I felt like I was a returning student simply coming back to another new school year. They did not hesitate to make me feel welcome and accepted. The teachers and students were extremely welcoming not only to me as a new student but also my whole family. After that first day, I have never regretted going to the Grammar School. My parents like to remind me that when they would put me to bed each night I would say to them, “Thank you for sending me to Wheaton Christian Grammar School.” During my bedtime prayers, I would also thank God for allowing me to go to the Grammar School. The staff and administrators were fully invested in my life and my family’s as well. They cared not only about my education, but also my physical and spiritual health. Teachers and administrators were always quick to check in on me if I was having a rough day. They also challenged me in my walk with the Lord. I am especially thankful for Mr. Burgess and his weekly routine of praying specifically for each student by name. I have attended several Christian schools in my life, and none were as welcoming and caring as the Grammar School. 

Another quality that makes WCGS so unique and special is the way that faith is integrated with learning. Through a new Bible class called Leadership and Spiritual Formation, taught by our administrators, I grew deeper in my faith. We would play philosophical true-false games and debate certain biblical principles. We also looked at the life of Nehemiah, how he had a servant’s heart, and other Old Testament biblical heroes. Beyond this class, what I most appreciated was the way the Bible was integrated into each and every single subject. No matter if it was a math lesson on Geometry or an English paper about a book we read, the teachers always found a way to give us a biblical truth at the same time. My teachers challenged us spiritually in our walk with the Lord. They were also quick to help redirect or guide us to Christ. When I was a student ambassador, an administrator would play a video of parents talking about the Grammar School. One parent described the school as having a “Gospel Centricity,” and I truly believe that this is true. At Wheaton Christian, the Bible is the core and foundation of the school and what holds the school and people together to make a wonderful community. This is why the Grammar School is an amazing school. The Gospel is the center of the school, and this is made evident by the subjects and concepts they teach, as well as the staff and administration who lead the school.

A final way that WCGS has impacted me is by teaching and helping me to serve and give back to the local community. For concert band, orchestra, and choir, I had many field trips to play at local nursing homes such as Windsor Park. The residents at the nursing homes were truly blessed and loved our music. Sometimes they even sang along. We also donated to organizations such as Naomi’s House and By The Hand. A favorite tradition is packing food at Feed My Starving Children. WCGS uses their resources and abilities to help and bring joy to other people. WCGS is such a special place to me because of the acceptance of the student body and administrators, the “Gospel Centricity” of the school, and the chance to give back to the community.

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