What the Class of 2015 Says About WCGS

Every spring, we survey our former graduates who are now graduating from high school to hear about where they are in life and what they thought about their time at WCGS. This year 27 of 75 (36%) graduates completed the survey. Here’s what they said about their time here:

Where did they attend High School?

What are their plans after High School graduation?

96% said they are going to college and 4% said a gap year.
Of those choosing college, where will they be attending?

Belmont University
Michigan Tech
Baylor University
Trinity Christian College
Butler University
Wheaton College
Taylor University
Community College

Vanderbilt University
Liberty University
Olivet Nazarene University
Loyola Marymount University
LeTourneau University
Bethel University (MN)
Hope College


What are they studying?


Foreign Languages
Biblical Studies
Social Work

Have they taken any A.P. or advanced coursework?

What content areas did they take A.P. or advanced coursework in?

Language Arts


How did WCGS prepare them to be successful in High School?

“WCGS provided me with the social and educational experience that trained me for the more complicated social and educational experiences of high school.”

“I felt very prepared for high school classes thanks to the curriculum at WCGS and was not overwhelmed by high school because of my experience at WCGS. I knew how to navigate relationships with classmates and teachers thanks to my experience at WCGS.”

“I started playing violin at WCGS, and it has helped me so much with my musical abilities outside of being a singer. Because I am a violinist, it was an easy transition to learning the viola my junior year, and it has helped me tremendously as a musician.”

“Wheaton Christian taught me to try hard in school and always complete my work on time and to the best of my ability. The teachers caring for me personally helped me to make connections and seek help from teachers in public school.”

“Classes helped to lay a foundation and develop discipline.”

“I knew how to write papers well and interact with teachers respectfully.”

“Knowledge of scripture, positive role models, and fine arts experience.”

“It gave me a firm foundation in the Bible and how to understand what I believe/what the Bible says.”

“Exceptionally well! Strong biblical foundation and worldview going into a public high school. Confidence in knowing who I am and what I believe.”

“I felt the transition from the middle school curriculum to freshman year was smooth.”

How would they rate their WCGS experience?

Why did they rate it that way?

“It was educational while still being fun.”

“I loved WCGS for many reasons, but the main reason was because of the relationships that I formed with my teachers and classmates.”

“I had a good experience at times (good relationships, school events, great caring teachers), but some of the interpersonal relationships I had and the expectation surrounding being a Christian was hard to overcome as I transitioned into high school.”

“I loved WCGS and all my teachers. I felt stretched but able to do everything my teachers assigned. I felt like I could always ask for help and teachers would be willing to help and listen.”

“The educational piece of the school was excellent and I felt well prepared for the workload high school included.”

“It was very hard to transfer in at the beginning, but every teacher was super loving and the students were inclusive.”

“I loved my years at WCGS. The one thing I feel like I lacked was exposure to people who were more different from me. Not really the fault of the school.”

“I never had a bad day at WCGS. I was always greeted with a friendly smile and the teachers always had my best interest at heart.”

“The community was unique in its closeness and love. There was a firm foundation in Christ, which flowed into every relationship, unit, class, and interaction.”

In addition to these questions, we also asked how they believe we can further improve our school, along with any prayer requests we can pray for as they graduate. All of this information was delivered to the administration, board, and teachers to help guide instruction and programming as we seek to move the school forward. 

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