What is the Class of 2019 up to now?

Sixteen anonymous students filled out a survey reflecting on their time at WCGS, how it equipped them for high school and beyond, and their future plans!

With 15/16 surveyed students sharing they have chosen to pursue higher education post high school, and one taking a gap year for an engineering internship, here is a list of the colleges they will be attending in Fall of 2023.

BIOLA University
Auburn University
Pennsylvania State University
Lipscomb University
Wheaton College
San Diego State University
Moody Bible Institute
Indiana University
University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana
East Tennessee State University
Full Sail University
Here are some of their selected majors!
International studies
Mechanical Engineering
Business Marketing
Investment Real Estate
Pastoral Studies
Business and Economics
Music Business
Biology, Premed
When asked if students participated in any AP courses, 14/16 students did and the range of AP courses they took are listed in the chart below.

Here are some of the responses students shared when asked if they felt WCGS prepared them to be successful in high school. 

“It set an expectation for class difficulty and helped me be more independent in academics. I was thoroughly prepared for all freshman-level classes.”

“It helped me with juggling workloads effectively, knowing how to study, and knowing how to work well with others.”

“WCGS is amazing at teaching students what a good balance between school, life, relationships, and a walk with Christ should look like. I was able to both grow in my faith and as a person while at WCGS because everyone is so good at teaching students what a balanced life should be.”

“It gave me a high school level workload and helped me be a holistic student.”

“WCGS prepared me well for all subject areas- and learning from a biblical worldview. My years in band also helped me continue music at WA and I have a scholarship to play in the Jazz Ensemble at Lipscomb as a non-music major.”

“There were tough classes that pushed me to transition well as well as learning to advocate for myself.”


When asked how their WCGS experience was, here is what students selected. 

Students reflected on why they gave it this score, sharing: 

“The relationships I got while being at WCGS are some of the strongest ones I still have today. Being able to learn in an environment with fewer students was so amazing for me because everyone was close and got to be all together.”

“I made many friends, made good memories, and learned a lot about things I’m interested in while gaining an appreciation for things I wasn’t interested in.”

“Supportive teachers interested in our growth.”

“I loved the Christian environment and while there were some obstacles in middle school, I found support in teachers and people around me.”

“Extremely well prepared for Wheaton Academy.”

“I was positively impacted by events experiences such as outdoor ed, science dissections, literature discussions, chapel, basketball, field day, and the 8th grade trip.”

We consider it a privilege and important responsibility to educate, train, and nurture children for godliness and excellence. It is our conviction that they are Christ centered, critical thinkers, and community builders. This calling is only accomplished by God’s grace, for His glory. Here is what the students shared about their current relationship with the Lord.



In addition to these questions, we also asked how they believe we can further improve our school, along with any prayer requests we can pray for as they graduate. All of this information was delivered to the administration, board, and teachers to help guide instruction and programming as we seek to move the school forward.

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