Technology updates underway

TECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING, AND SO ARE WE! We’ve benefited from SMART Boards in classrooms here on Taylor Drive, but advances in technology have now provided some even better options. Thanks to a generous donor who paved the way last December, we began to introduce SMART Board Interactive LCD panels to our campus, starting in the 5th-8th grade wing. This improved delivery system no longer relies on projectors (with expensive bulbs), and it allows us to continue using the SMART Notebook program with some notable advancements.

The LCD screens are brighter and easier for students to see. Classroom lights can be left on, and shades can be left open. Students and teachers will appreciate that!

But what about the SMART Boards we already own? According to Technology Director Steve Johnson, we’ll be able to efficiently use parts from spare projectors to repair, when necessary, the earlier generation units in the K-4 wing. Eventually, those will also be replaced with SMART LCD panels. Our current SMART technology has already served us for approximately twice the normal technology lifespan, so we are thankful for this upgrade!

Nine classrooms in the  5th -8th grade wing await SMART LCD screens as part of our implementation rollout. Each of these new screens costs about $5,000. If you’d like to help outfit a room with this technology, we would love to talk to you!

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