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My husband and I are first-generation immigrants. We didn’t grow up in Christian homes and had never heard the Gospel until we came to the states about 16 years ago. When we looked for schools for our children, we wanted the best of both worlds: We wanted a school with an excellent academic program; We also wanted a community that would encourage our kids to have a genuine relationship with their Creator and Savior. Wheaton Christian Grammar School has exceeded our expectations on both accounts.

Both of my children transferred to WCGS as 1st graders. The preschool and the kindergarten program they went to was tiny, so when they visited the WCGS for the first time, they were both excited and anxious. My older son was a little hesitant when we told him he would go to a new school as a first grader. He was unsure if he would like the “big” school, so we signed him up to shadow the 1st grade class for a day in January 2019. He came home with a big smile and told me that all his “new friends” welcomed him to join the school for the next school year. That smile sealed the deal.

Both of my children are challenged academically and spiritually at Wheaton Christian Grammar School. All of their teachers know them as individuals and care about their unique gifts, talents, and areas to grow. Teachers challenge them with high expectations and encouragement, and both of my children are able to thrive academically and spiritually. One spiritual highlight was when my 2nd grader came to accept Jesus in his heart as his personal Lord and Savior earlier in October this year. Watching my son’s face light up as his teacher shared this news with me after school, he proudly proclaimed, “I told everyone about this good news today, and angels are having a PARTY in heaven!” A few days later, he received a lovely hand-written card from Mr. Painter congratulating him on his spiritual birthday. The genuine joy and the celebrations that he experienced were invaluable.

In the past few years, we have all faced the temporary challenges of COVID-19. But at WCGS I felt my children’s education never got interrupted. My children learned many valuable lessons beyond academics during the past three years. They became resilient, grateful, brave, and kind. Not to mention, this is such a welcoming place! Several administrators, staff, and faculty know our names and remember the details of our families. They care about our family and children and often earnestly pray for us whenever we share prayer requests.

We have found Wheaton Christian Grammar School to be a place deeply rooted in Biblical Truth and built by a group of educators who genuinely care about the students and the parents. We LOVE WCGS, and my children love being here. This is a place where they feel a sense of belonging, and they are seen and challenged. As parents, we cannot ask for a better partnership with a school to shape and prepare our children for the future.


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