New Junior High Winter Exploratories Launched!

Wheaton Christian Grammar School is committed to the continual development of our Junior High experience, and we believe it is a distinctive of our school! At the beginning of January, we launched a unique offering of classes to our Junior High Students called Winter Exploratories. This week-long experience provides a space for innovative learning with the intention of igniting and nurturing passions in our 6th-8th grade students. These classes allow students to dig deeper into areas of personal interest, and potentially spark a curiosity that could help direct their path for the future! 

Our launch of classes included a myriad of topics, teachers, and learning spaces for students to discover and develop interests and talents the Lord has given them. Leading up to the Winter Exploratories, families signed up for classes that were appealing to their students. Each student was enrolled in two classes, and their days were broken into 2 block periods: one morning class and one afternoon class. 

This year, there were a total of 16 different courses! Classes like LEGOS: Physical Science in Action gave students the opportunity to investigate the science of sports using LEGO BricQ Motion Prime. Another course offering, Artistically Meditating on Scripture, provided junior highers the opportunity to see and understand how their artistic abilities can push them toward an understanding of Scripture. It’s not Ping-Pong, It’s Table Tennis, aimed to teach the physics of table tennis while also getting opportunities to put the lessons into practice and watch a real-life exhibition game between two semi-professionals. Experiencing the World, War, and More Through Board Games invited students to work with a teacher and a renowned board game designer to explore the history of major military conflicts throughout time and space. Another course, The Babysitters Club, trained students on how to care for young children of varying ages. This course included CPR and First Aid training and, by the end of the course, students had a professional resume ready to hand out! There were music classes like Show Choir and Beginning Guitar, a course in Christian leadership, a Psychology class, an E-sports and Coding class, and a baking class that integrated math. These are just a few of the many offerings that showed students how their day-to-day courses in a typical school week can prepare them for real-life experiences and future careers!

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