Medical Requirements

Medical Requirements

WCGS is equipped with two highly experienced nurses to lead our health efforts! Mrs. Bess Paull, R.N., current WCGS mom, and Mrs. Danette Farrell, R.N., former WCGS mom, know our students well and understand and support our school’s mission and values. This page is meant to highlight timely health updates from our nurses. Contact our nurses at 630.668.1385, ext 251 or through e-mail via


Medical Forms

Athletic Travel PermissionRequired for all athletes to travel for athletic events in the school year (2024-2025)
Pre-Participation Sports PhysicalRequired for all school sports, students that don’t have a current school physical form (within 395 days) on file. Required for all athletes prior to sports tryouts.
Concussion Sign-offRequired for all athletes prior to sports tryouts, valid for one school year (2024-2025)
Over The Counter Medication AuthorizationParents may opt to give the WCGS nurses advance authorization to administer specific OTC medications to their student for the entire school year or for a specific length of time. This is done electronically during enrollment/re-enrollment. (2024-2025)
Student Medication Administration AuthorizationRequired for all prescribed medications that will be stored in the Nurse’s Office, EXCEPT for food allergy medications (separate form required for prescribed epinephrine and antihistamine treatment). A new form is required for each school year or for any prescription changes. (2024-2025)
Food Allergy Emergency Action PlanRequired for all students who have been diagnosed with a food allergy by a medical doctor.  SMAA form is not required if this form is fully completed.
Asthma Action PlanRequired for students who have been prescribed an inhaler for use at school to treat asthma-like symptoms, in addition to the SMAA form.
Diabetes Medical ManagementRequired for students who have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus by a medical docExam form tor. A doctor-provided form will be accepted as well.
Illinois Health Certificate/School Form physicalRequired for ALL new students, all 6th graders, and all incoming Kindergartners by August 1, 2024
Vision Examination FormRequired on or before October 11, 2024 for all Kindergarteners and out-of-state student transfers.
Dental Exam FormDue due on or before May 9, 2025 for all Kindergarteners, 2nd graders, 6th graders and out-of-state transfer students.
Illinois Required Immunizations (Rev May 2017)Listing of immunizations required by Illinois state law organized by age/grade level
Illinois Certificate of Religious ExemptionRequired physicians signature with a physical exam

Requirements for Enrollment

Health Certificate/
School Physical Form
August 1, 2024
Vision ExamDue on or before Oct 11, 2024
Dental ExamDue on or before May 9, 2025
2nd grade
Dental ExamDue on or before May 9, 2025
6th grade
Health Certificate/
School Physical Form
August 1, 2024
Dental ExamDue on or before May 9, 2025

Immunizations: refer to the chart under “Medical Forms”

*Exclusion from school will apply to students without Health Certificates submitted by August 1st until proper documentation is received. The established deadlines keep WCGS compliant with Illinois School Code.

Local (In-state) Transfer Students

If you are entering Kindergarten, transferring into 6th grade, or intend to play sports at WCGS, you must submit an Illinois Health Certificate/Sports Physical form and have all required immunizations complete. Students must have records either transferred from their former school within 30 days of enrollment at WCGS, or parents must provide a new Health Certificate/School Physical Form and Immunization Record.

Out-of-State Transfer Students

All out of state transfer students or those transferring into the United States from another country are required to provide a new Health Certificate/school forms from a licensed healthcare professional for enrollment. These forms will need to be supplied by a practicing professional within the United States, it does not need to be in Illinois, meaning we can accept forms from the state you are transferring in from, as long as they are dated within the last year. Vision and dental forms are required by Oct. 9th for out of the country applicants and those students entering Kindergarten, 2nd and 6th grade. These forms can be provided from your physicians office, or found online at our schools website. Please contact the school nurse for further information.

Sports Participants: 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades

Online registration is required prior to the start of each athletic season: fall, winter, and spring. Parents of eligible grade level participants will receive an e-mail with details prior to the start of each registration period. Students may not attend a tryout or first practice for sports unless they have registered and presented a current Health Certificate and Concussion Sign-off Form.

WCGS Post Concussion Release FormDue upon approved return to play*
Athletic Travel Permission FormDue by first official team practice.
Pre-Participation Sports PhysicalRequired for all school sports, students that don’t have a current school physical form (within 395 days) on file. Required for all athletes prior to sports tryouts.
Concussion Sign-offRequired for all athletes prior to sports tryouts, valid for one school year (2023-2024)

PLEASE NOTE: A “State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination” form (Health Certificate) that is obtained at a student’s annual Well Visit can be submitted as a Sports Physical. However, an “IHSA/IESA Pre-Participation Exam” form may not be submitted as the Health Certificate required for school attendance in Kindergarten and 6th grade.

Both the Health Certificate and the Pre-participation Exam forms are valid for 395 days. Parents are responsible for providing a current physical that will remain valid during the entire sports season.

If your student is in 6th grade, you are already required to submit the Health Certificate form; therefore, you will only need to submit the Concussion Sign-Off Form and Travel Permission Form prior to sports tryouts.

Concussion Protocal

Every student-athlete and their parent or guardian are required to complete a Concussion Sign-off Form prior to participation in a sport. This document ensures that every student-athlete and parent understand the signs and symptoms of a concussion. This document can be found above under the Medical Forms tab.

Concussion Protocol after a Diagnosis

The impact of a concussion diagnosis is both a medical and academic concern.  Current medical research indicates that the most important factor in recovery at any age is to provide cognitive and physical rest.  After a concussion, the WCGS school nurses will be in close contact with your physician to develop a safe plan for the student to return to learn and play. If a student-athlete has been diagnosed with a  concussion, he/she may return to practice and competition when a letter of clearance from the diagnosing physician AND an “Athlete Post-Concussion Release Form” has been submitted to the WCGS School Nurse. A copy of this protocol is available in the school office.

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