COVID-19 Update from the WCGS Social Worker

Dear WCGS Families,

Social-emotional learning and wellness are imperative to a child’s holistic health. In these unique times, a child’s world has been disrupted from their daily routine and schedule. It is important to be mindful that crisis and change can be especially challenging for children and there are ways to build protective factors in your child.

While most children are aware of COVID-19, the emotional response among them varies. Children have voiced disappointment, sadness, worry, and anxiousness over the past several days. We know our hope and trust rests in Lord, and this is an opportune time to connect with your child’s heart and feelings on this topic. Included in this email are resources to implement with your child. All three of these resources will explain COVID-19 in an age-appropriate manner along with emotions that come with change and uncertainty. 

Below is a user-friendly chart that describes possible reactions from children and ways to support your child. I would like to highlight the benefit of a daily schedule, maintaining emotional connections, and limiting media exposure.

Be on the look-out for social-emotional learning opportunities to do with your children in the future. These are suggestions to allow you to nurture your child’s heart and soul. Here are some Social-Emotional Resources to help explain COVID-19 to Students: 

  • K-2 Resource
    This short social story will explain the COVID-19 virus and what to expect with the change in schedule for children: COVID-19 Social Story 
  • K-2 Resource
    This short story will explain what social distancing is to children and why it is important to practice this behavior: Social Distance Story
  • K-4 Resource
    Video: This is a short story which explains a “yucky bug” and how a child feels about the bug: Julia Cook “Yucky Bug”
  • 4-8 Grade Resource
    This short video explains the facts on COVID-19 and can help ease a student’s mind: Brain Pop: COVID-19

Please stay connected and reach out to me if you are in need of additional support. May the Lord bless you and keep you!


Mandy Jasper, LCSW

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