Biblical Integration with STEM

Over the course of this school year, our students have participated in many unique opportunities to learn and grow in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Whether it be in or out of the classroom, our faculty and staff work hard to expose students to these different content areas so they can gain as much knowledge and experience as possible. While all of our grade levels teach science, math, and technology, here is a look at a few of the fun projects our students have done so far this year:

In 1st grade they planted glove gardens with tomato, onion, cucumber, pumpkin, and corn seeds. You could see the excitement on the students’ faces as they learned the different stages of plant growth and how to tell the difference between types of seeds under microscopes. In 4th grade, the students designed new animals and engineered them
specifically to survive in a specific habitat. They conducted this study to learn how God created the features of animals to allow them to survive in different conditions. In our upper grades, the 5th and 7th graders teamed up to dissect sheep’s eyes and applied their knowledge about God’s creation from class in real life.

In addition to in-class activities, twelve 8th grade girls attended a women’s STEM conference with Curriculum Director, Sue Macaluso, and Jr. High Science Teacher, Amanda Birth. Those in attendance heard from many leading women in STEM occupations, while also attending break-out sessions to gain hands-on experience in the different STEM fields.


The girls loved the experience saying:

“It was inspiring. They didn’t just inform us about the profession, but about the journey we are about to begin. They encouraged us to have mentors and people who will come alongside us to help us succeed.”

“While the conference was not from a Christian perspective, we were able to view everything through a biblical worldview. It taught me the importance of keeping our identity in Christ while pursuing our dream.”

WCGS’s FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team competed this year and made it to State where they presented their solution to a problem facing today’s scientists and showcased their programmed robot. The robotics team is led by STEM Coordinator and 6th grade science teacher,  Jacqueline Lauriet, and 5th grade teacher, Susanne Dyer. They instill in the team the importance of holding onto all the FLL core values, but also the most important one in their lives as Christians: “We honor God.” The team presented this additional core value to the judges in their competition as a part of the Core Values section. Since only 25% of teams go to State, it was an honor for the team to have a chance to compete and be a light for God as they used their talents.

We are grateful for the faculty and staff who pour into our students’ lives to help them learn about God’s creation through the lens of His Word!

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