38 Year Legacy at WCGS

The Anderson and Gieser families have spent a total of 38 years in the WCGS community. Being anywhere for 38 years has a tremendous impact on one’s life. This is why we asked both families to answer a few questions and reflect on their time at WCGS after they both graduated their youngest child in May of 2018.

How has WCGS had an impact on your family?

Andersons: WCGS had a huge impact on our family. Our children received a Christ-centered education in an extremely nurturing and spiritually sensitive environment that is part of the foundation of who they are today. When our oldest son was diagnosed with leukemia in 8th grade, the entire WCGS community jumped into action and provided direct encouragement, prayer, and support to each member of the family. For this, we are forever grateful. WCGS is much more than a school. It is a vibrant Christian community that blends great education with a full community experience.

Giesers: WCGS has had a tremendous impact on our family. Our children were trained to identify the ungodly messages being promoted by our culture so they would not be taken “captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy” (Colossians 2:8). While in the 3rd grade, our youngest son would be reading quietly in another room and suddenly shout, “I found a ‘hollow and deceptive philosophy’!” We would smile hearing those big words come from the mouth of our 3rd grader and were thrilled at the discernment he had been taught. To this day, our children continue to spot the messages in our culture that seek to negatively influence their Christian worldview.

What would you say is the benefit of a WCGS education and how have you seen it play out in your children’s lives?

Andersons: WCGS prepared our children for life. The excellent academics, spiritual development, and nurturing environment all contributed to their success in high school, college, and as young adults. WCGS helped our oldest son develop a strong character and reliance on the Lord that carried him through his illness. Our second oldest wasn’t a reader in first grade, but through proper intervention and encouragement, he has become one of the most ferocious readers we know. Our daughter benefited from the strong academics and excelled in high school, and our youngest had the opportunity to enjoy many different extracurricular activities that built integrity, teamwork, and a strong work ethic. An education from WCGS is a blessing that benefits every child.

Giesers: Our children had the opportunity to explore and develop their academic, musical, and athletic gifts through excellent classroom instruction and extracurricular activities provided by WCGS. More importantly, however, was the spiritual training that our children received. A biblical worldview is taught in the classroom and reinforced in chapels and all student activities. Through WCGS, our children had many opportunities to put their faith in action in our community and around the world. Whether serving at WCGS, PADS, FMSC, Pacific Garden Mission, performing music at local nursing homes or community events, or traveling to the Dominican Republic, our children began to look at other’s needs with compassion and to develop hearts for serving others. We have seen this interest in service play out as our children continue to desire to serve in their schools, family, church, and communities.

As you reflect on your time at WCGS, do you have
any other comments or stories you’d like to add?

Andersons: We were convinced to choose WCGS when we experienced the prayer support shared at a Kindergarten Roundup for a school family in critical need. Little did we know that the Lord was leading our family to WCGS to become a recipient of that prayer during our own time of critical need.

Giesers: The impact of WCGS on our family began when I (Sarah) was a student. My father died suddenly in my 7th grade year. During those difficult days, the faculty, staff, and administration rallied around me and my family with tremendous love, support, and prayers. My 6th grade teacher, Miss Bingham, sent me a note to let me know she was praying for me every year on the anniversary of his death until her own passing several years ago. The WCGS faculty and staff continue to be committed to building meaningful, long-lasting relationships with students. The relationships my children formed with teachers, administrators, and coaches continue through notes and words of encouragement they receive.

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