WCGS Partners with Windsor Park to Provide Inter-Generational Experiences

Did you know research highlights the need, benefits, and critical support of relationships between aging adults and school-age children?  Stanford University reported, “older people offer resources that children need.” Changing social norms to encourage relationships built between generations has become a way of life in countries around the world where multiple generations live, work, and interface with each other daily. Older adults can contribute to the well-being of youth, cultivating a sense of purpose for both parties while also learning about new trends together, offering exciting, different perspectives.

One of the six core values of WCGS is partnership. We recognize the importance of partners enhancing community through engagement, awareness, and support in a myriad of dynamic learning opportunities for students and seniors. WCGS is thrilled for a neighborhood partnership with Covenant Living at Windsor Park Retirement Community. The goals we have outlined for this collaboration include: generating enjoyment by building edifying relationships, giving of our time and talents, testifying of God’s goodness through the telling of life stories, seniors mentoring students, and students coaching seniors. We will be planning purposeful “shared studying” interactions, looking through lens of “then and now” to generate cognitive stimulation and high impact social interactions.

Our first event for SPOTS (Student Partnering Opportunities Together with Seniors) will be on Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019, as WCGS celebrates the annual tradition of Grandparents’ Day. WCGS has celebrated the legacy of generations by setting aside a special day for students to honor grandparents and become aware of the love, strength, information, and guidance older people can offer.  Windsor Park seniors are volunteering to spend Grandparents’ Day at WCGS with students who might not have a grandparent available. These seniors are godly, vibrant volunteers and mentors, who value community involvement and desire to “love on our students” to encourage greater understanding across generations, build closer bonds between generations, and affirm the value of children, the next generation. We want all our students to experience time with a special senior. If your child does not have a grandparent attending and would like to bless a senior by spending Grandparents’ Day with her/him, please contact Sue Macaluso at smacaluso@wheatonchristian.org or 630-668-1385.

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