School Culture: A Difference Maker

Recently, as I was interviewing a prospective new family, they mentioned that they “love the culture around here.” From the moment they walked into the office, observed students interacting with teachers in the hallways and classrooms, and had faculty and staff introduce themselves and take time to talk with them, they experienced something different in our school. They understood that children, parents, and faculty and staff are valued in this place.

School culture and climate are huge at WCGS. Our Statement of Faith, Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Values are the beliefs, values, and assumptions that help shape our culture and climate. We are unapologetically Christ-centered, family-centered, and Bible-centered as we strive to provide our students with a Christian worldview that permeates their thinking as they undertake the rigors of the classroom and seek to engage and transform their world for Jesus Christ.

School culture and climate impacts people, which in turn impacts lives. In the recent Parent Survey that we conducted in advance of our upcoming ACSI/AdvancED re-accreditation visit, we read this time and time again. One parent said, “The entire community is welcoming, helpful, and encouraging. The teachers and administrators take such interest in the students; it still amazes me that they are able to have such meaningful relationships with so many students.” Another said, “The staff is open to partnering with parents and genuinely care about students. We value this.”

There are so many factors that impact culture and climate– trust, accountability, quality education, great teachers, facilities, programs, and incredible parental support to name a few. However, building relationships with students and parents, and taking time to develop, get to know, and invest relationally in the lives of students and their parents is high on our list of priorities. Thank you for the important role you play in helping shape the culture and climate of Wheaton Christian Grammar School. May we always seek to honor and glorify the Lord in all that we do.

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