On Mission

Each morning, the hallways of our school are flooded with laughter, hellos, high fives, and an excitement for the day. Teachers kindly greet their students, administrators walk the halls, and staff are reminded of the gift of children. Five hundred students, made in the image of God, step into the school that God has placed as a central part of their day and story.

We certainly didn’t realize on the morning of Friday, March 13, that our hallways would be silent for the remainder of the school year. As is the case in all of your lives, our rhythm has changed.  But I have learned that the community of WCGS is not limited to the hallways on “normal” school days. The WCGS community is alive no matter where it is or what obstacles it must overcome. In this unique season of off-campus e-Learning, our community has leaned on God’s goodness, even when we would all prefer the normal routine of high fives, hellos, and trying to make it to first class before the bell. 

While our community would love to gather, we have rallied together despite our separation. I have found this time to be a firm reminder to how powerful the mission of WCGS truly is. As we have transitioned to a robust e-Learning plan, the central mission has continued: to educate, train, and nurture children for godliness and excellence, equipping them to engage and transform their world for Jesus Christ. Faculty, staff, and families have remained committed to placing these students before the Lord through the gift of education, to ensure they are growing closer to the One who made them, loves them, races toward them, and has a remarkable plan for their lives. The story of e-Learning has certainly included Zoom calls, online tools, a new learning management system, packet pick-ups, Flipgrid videos, and plenty of emails. But, it more significantly has included a committed group, working toward the mission placed in front of us, with the end hope that this next generation will be equipped to know Jesus and make Him known to the ends of the earth with the unique gifts and abilities with which God has blessed them. Our mission is clear; our avenue for instruction is different.

WCGS has claimed the truth found in Psalm 28:7 which states, “The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy.” We will continue to run to Him for our strength, trust Him with our hearts, and rely on Him for our joy, in the moments when we are in our building or learning online. Our hallways are silent, but His work is not.

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