WCGS Connects with El Ayudante Honduras

In the recent upgrade of our computer lab, we replaced 30 computers that had served us well since we moved into our new building in June 2010. Rather than discard the computers, we sought a way to “re-use” the systems that would benefit others, show good stewardship, and protect our environment.

Fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Susanne Dyer, learned of our offer to donate computers and informed us of a ministry where she had served in Honduras that needed some. By car, it is 2,923.6 miles from WCGS to El Ayudante.  Shipping is expensive. However, there was a container that was heading to Honduras from Miami. We were blessed to have the computers packed up and sent to Miami where they could be included in the container shipped to Honduras.

The picture below shows the Learning Center at El Ayudante Honduras, a mission involved in the transformation of lives and communities.  This tutoring center is open to any students in the community and provides them with tools they are otherwise missing. Over 150 students use the Learning Center each week. Helping these children makes a huge impact on their future, not only educationally, but spiritually as well.   

Praise God that our computers are such a HUGE blessing to the children and families of El Ayudante. Thank you, Lord, for allowing Wheaton Christian Grammar School to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Honduras to provide them with the computers for their Learning Center.

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