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Focused on the Finish Line

02.17.21 | Students

Focused on the Finish Line

    What will our graduates carry into the rest of their lives? At WCGS we are uniquely focused on the finish line for each of our students.

    One important factor in any race is to know the finish line. Without that goal, one could aimlessly wander and waste valuable time and effort. In 1 Corinthians 9, Paul is appealing to the Church in Corinth to live as devoted disciples of Christ. The analogy he uses to frame this call to action is a race. Paul explains that he is running his race with intention, and his motivation is the urgency of the gospel (v. 24-27). Paul wants to bring others to know Christ so that he and they can be with God for eternity. 

    At WCGS we are uniquely focused on the finish line for each of our students. We work towards the development of three key attributes that our graduates will carry with them as they run their races for the Lord. 

    Our community is in place to help students become:

    1) Christ-Centered Individuals 

    2) Community Builders

    3) Critical Thinkers

    Our aim is to partner with families and the local church to raise up young leaders who will commit their head, heart, and hands to the brilliant work of Jesus Christ. If you look at the visual provided below, you will see our "Expected Student Outcomes" (ESOs). This visual represents our vision, focus, and prayer for the student body of WCGS. Will you join us in praying for these three attributes to take root in the lives of our students?