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Chapels at Wheaton Christian Grammar School

09.15.17 | Campus News

Chapels at Wheaton Christian Grammar School

    Why do we welcome parents to chapel? It's an important part of each student's spiritual development. And while our students are regularly challenged and encouraged, it's also a time of learning, worship, and growth for the adult participants.

    We view the monthly chapels at WCGS as an essential part of each student's spiritual formation experience.  Assistant Principal of Spiritual Life and School Counselor Roger Burgess, along with input from teachers and other administrators, prepares an age-appropriate selection of speakers and topics throughout the school year.  But these events aren't just for students!  We thoroughly encourage parents to join us as they are able.  What's so important about attending chapel? 

    Students generally have a hand in planning and participating in chapels.  Various homerooms generally take responsibility for a particular chapel, allowing students to read Scripture, take part in a relevant skit or visual display, or share music that is relevant to the theme of the day.  We love affirming the students' involvement!

    We worship together at chapel.  There's a lot to be said for the benefit of corporate praise and worship!  We obey God when we praise Him!  "I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving" (Psalm 69:30). 

    We hear an encouraging and practical message from God's Word.  Often, the message draws out a point from our Year Verse.  Our chapel speakers have included local pastors, area youth leaders, missionaries, many of our teachers and administrators, school parents, and alumni.  We love that variety! 

    We model an attitude of respect for God's Word.  That's why we ask students to remember "chapel dress" on these special days.  We want to set apart chapel events as special times of corporate worship. That may seem counter-cultural in today's very casual world...and it is!

    We generally provide chapel summary notes for parents.  Mr. Burgess (and various administration/faculty helpers) try to compile the main points covered by each chapel speaker; these notes are then sent via RenWeb to parents, generally later that day.  Parents can play a key role in reinforcing chapel themes with their children.  Might that be good dinner-table discussion or an idea for family devotions before bedtime?

    Chapels have been times of landmark spiritual decisions for WCGS students over the years.  Our students maintain Spiritual Portfolios which accompany them from year to year in their WCGS experience.  These Portfolios include a student's reflections about what God is teaching them.  Often, a speaker, a chapel challenge, or a worship experience will be referenced as a spiritual landmark for a child. 

    Parents, we encourage you to check the school calendar and watch each week's Thursday Notes (via RenWeb) so you'll stay on top of the chapel schedule.  We hope you'll join us as you are able, so you can fully engage your student about what God is doing in their heart while they are enrolled at WCGS. 

    And in case you'd like to see a chapel first...