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Investing with a Difference in Mind

Investing with a Difference in Mind

September 19, 2018

Why invest financially at WCGS? This is a question we recently asked a number of our young alumni. Enjoy reading why Melinda (‘93) and Mike (‘98) give financially to the school.

Melinda writes, “I give back to the school because I believe in the mission of WCGS. We seek to develop in children a heart for the Lord and to provide children with a biblically-based education that will support them throughout the rest of their lives. I feel very fortunate to have had the benefit of a WCGS education from Kindergarten through 8th grade.”

I see its influence in my life even 25 years later and enjoy giving back so that other children can experience the same blessings that WCGS has given to me.

“Every gift counts, no matter how big or small. WCGS gives so much to its students and families, and it is incumbent upon those of us who have benefitted to joyfully give back so that the school’s mission can continue to thrive.”

Mike shared, “From an early age, my parents instilled in me a heart of generosity, giving back to the Lord what He has graciously given us. Generosity has many elements to it, and one I believe in is giving financially. When we give financially, we are obeying God and doing what is uncomfortable, which helps us grow and be who God has called us to be.”

“I choose to give to the Grammar School because I believe in it. I believe in a Bible-based education that is teaching the youth of today a different way of learning. I can still remember my days as a student there, being taught the importance of giving among so many other incredible biblical applications that I still apply daily to my life. A faith-based education challenges and encourages you to see God in every area – from math to English, history, and science. Having the opportunity to attend the Grammar School from a young age has impacted my life and is a big reason why I choose to give back – to see past, present, and future students experience an education founded on biblical truth.”

“It’s often hard to step out and do the uncomfortable things that God asks us to do. It helps when we are reminded that God isn’t out to take from us, but rather to bless us through our giving.”

We encourage each of you to invest in Wheaton Christian Grammar School because you believe in its mission and value the difference it makes in each life.

As we step out and give with a heart of generosity, we get to experience the amazing blessing and provision that only God could make happen in our lives.

We encourage each of you to invest in Wheaton Christian Grammar School because you believe in its mission and value the difference it makes in each life. You can give to WCGS here: https://wheatonchristian.org/support-wcgs/


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