Faculty Spotlight: Pam Porter

Anytime you walk by Pam Porter’s 2nd grade classroom, you can look inside the windows and see the light in her students’ eyes as they
eagerly engage and learn from their teacher. That same light is mirrored in Pam as she teaches because of the joy she has in her work
at WCGS. She began teaching at WCGS in 2013 as an aide to Kindergarten Teacher, Lindsey Burkitt, but was later hired as a 2nd grade teacher.

Pam loves teaching second graders because of how they love to learn and make new discoveries about the world around them. She says they are “so inquisitive”–being capable of a deeper understanding of Jesus and open to His work in their lives. Pam makes learning fun with activities like Watermelon Day and celebrating their use of good manners with a fancy lunch which includes food, LED candles, tablecloths, dimmed lights, and a live violinist (our orchestra director, David Petersons).

“My favorite part of teaching has always been to stimulate a love of learning and to encourage my students to love the Lord with all their hearts,” said Pam. “I have been so blessed by the kindness and compassion my second graders have shown to one another this year.” Her ability to partner with school families is something she enjoys and is thankful for. She considers it an honor to serve the Lord at WCGS and share the love of God with her students.

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