Annual Awards Assembly Honors Student Achievements

Every year, Wheaton Christian Grammar School holds awards assemblies to recognize our students for their achievements throughout the school year. These achievements range from academics, fine arts, athletics, clubs, and 8th grade distinguished awards. The first awards assembly recognizes our 1st through 5th graders, and the second is for 6th through 8th grade.

Among the student body, many students were recognized for their participation in ACSI Creative Writing Contest, ACSI Math Olympics, ACSI Speech Meet, Battle of the Books, Illinois Math League Contest, Jr. High Reading Program, MathCounts, National Geography Bee, Student Council, Creation Care Club, Robotics Team, and more. Students also received ACSI Art Awards, Book-it Reading Awards, and Accelerated Reader Awards. 

The distinguished awards were given to:

  • Director’s Award (Band) – Luke Poland
  • Director’s Award (Orchestra) – Nathanael Santi
  • Instrumentalist Magazine Award (Band) – Davis Brumbach, Tristan Lunt, Colin Ogden, Alexandra Pirrie, and Olivia Rinde
  • Instrumentalist Magazine Award (Orchestra) – Charlie Cockrell, Becca Crisman, Mimi Jones, and Taylor Pirrie
  • Choral Excellence Awards – Britta Love and Taylor Pomeroy
  • National School Choral Award – Teagan Allison and Sarah Miner
  • Louis Armstrong Jazz Award – Logan Bates
  • ILMEA District Orchestra – Abigail Rathbun and Nathanael Santi
  • ILMEA District Band – Annie Stoner and Joey Urban
  • ILMEA District Choir – Samantha DeCastro, Annalise Mazzarella
  • Al & Marti Knudsen Excellence in Art Award – Anna Casto and Mimi Jones
  • Wheaton Academy Scholarship – Olivia Rinde
  • American Legion Awards – Tristan Lunt and Britta Love; Honorable Mentions: Josh Strzalka and Greta Gustafson 
  • Administrator’s Awards – Audrey Brcka, Elizabeth Dieter, Luke Poland, and Aiden Weisenborn
  • Todd Beamer Memorial Award/Scholarship – Sumana Danielson and Vander England

We give praise to the Lord for all he’s done this school year and for the many gifts and talents he has given our student body. Congratulations to all our students on a wonderful year! 

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