An Impact and Investment for Generations

Will West looks back on his time at Wheaton Christian with thankfulness. As a student, he heard God’s Word integrated into all content areas and was surrounded by students, teachers, and families who shared biblical wisdom and encouraged him in his own walk with the Lord. The relationships that he forged with classmates at WCGS continue to this day. Will also benefited from the intentional relationships developed with faculty and staff. WCGS had a part in building a solid foundation in Will’s life. He not only recognizes that but desires that foundation of faith for his own children.

Will remembers the Wheaton Christian community walking with him to help transform his faith and character. One of these times was when Mr. Clum and Mr. Burgess intentionally reached out and pulled him and his siblings aside to ask how they were doing and if they’d like to talk when his parents were going through a divorce. This intentionality brings warmth to Will’s heart as he remembers feeling so loved and cared for at a time when it was easy to feel invisible and left behind. He also remembers how the WCGS community rallied around school families when one of his best friends was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks before 8th grade graduation. Will saw the outpouring of love and support from the WCGS community to his best friend’s family as they held prayer meetings and made meals for them. He will never forget the acts of kindness he witnessed.

Because of the experience Will had at Wheaton Christian, Will and his wife, Danielle, are dedicated to sending their children to WCGS. They believe that Kindergarten through 8th grade are such formative years and that it’s crucial to build a solid foundation in Christ. It’s what WCGS did for Will, and it’s what they want for their children.

We are committed to raising our boys in a Christ-centered home that focuses on Biblical values, and we believe that WCGS will support us with the commitment of nurturing and investing in our children by exemplifying Christ’s love.

Investments are a major part of Will’s job, so it’s his opinion as a believer and a father that there is no better investment than a Christian education for his kids. He knows the WCGS faculty and staff are incredible role models for young students and is excited for his future role as a parent in the WCGS community.

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