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Student Performance

Strong performance, year after year.

Each spring, WCGS students take the TerraNova 3, a nationally recognized test to measure academic progress.

LATEST RESULTS*: Our spring 2018 median score for the school in the areas of Reading/Language/Math was 92-8, outstanding. 75.1% percent of our students scored in the above average to superior range.

We attribute this to a number of factors, including the strong education and challenge found at WCGS, excellent and well-qualified faculty who are pouring themselves into each child, students who are motivated to excel and do well, rich and diverse life experiences that our students have enjoyed, and dedicated parents who partner with us in their children's education.

*Due to COVID-19, testing did not take place in the spring of the 2019-2020 school year

TerraNova 3 Definitions

* 92-8 (and related values expressed in this article) refer to the percentile and stanine rank.

Stanine: A value on a nine-point scale of normalized standard scores with a low of 1 and a high of 9. The value 5 represents average performance. 

Percentile: Percentile ranks indicate the relative standing of a student in comparison with students in the same grade across the country who took the test. For Example: If a student obtains a percentile rank of 70, it means that he/she equaled or exceeded 70 percent of the students taking the test and that 30 percent of the group recorded higher than he/she did.