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Student Performance

Strong performance, year after year.

Each spring, WCGS students take the TerraNova 3, a nationally recognized test to measure academic progress.

LATEST RESULTS: Our spring 2021 median score for the school in the areas of Reading/Language/Math was 83-7, outstanding. 63.0% percent of our students scored in the above-average to superior range.

TerraNova 3 Definitions

* 92-8 (and related values expressed in this article) refer to the percentile and stanine rank.

Stanine: A value on a nine-point scale of normalized standard scores with a low of 1 and a high of 9. The value 5 represents average performance. 

Percentile: Percentile ranks indicate the relative standing of a student in comparison with students in the same grade across the country who took the test. For Example: If a student obtains a percentile rank of 70, it means that he/she equaled or exceeded 70 percent of the students taking the test and that 30 percent of the group recorded higher than he/she did.