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Across all grade levels, our students benefit from the carefully chosen curriculum taught by teachers who seek to stimulate learning with creative, best-practice classroom techniques.

Current Curriculum Overview of Curriculum by Content Area

The Selection Process

The selection and implementation of curriculum at Wheaton Christian Grammar School is an in-depth and important process. Two questions guide the selection of curriculum programs: Does the curriculum support our philosophy of education? Does the curriculum enhance the academic strengths of our programs and foster the academic nature of our students and teachers? When these two questions are answered positively, the implementation of curriculum resources begins and is ongoing. This process involves the partnership of administration, faculty, parents, students, and outside resources.

A variety of Christian and secular publishers provide curriculum resources at WCGS. Publishers include: Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI); Christian Schools International (CSI); Modern Curriculum Press; Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley; Open Court Publishing; Harcourt, Houghton, Mifflin, Holt, Rinehart, & Winston; Silver Burdett Ginn; SRA; Macmillan McGraw Hill; Glencoe; and Zaner-Bloser.

What is our position on Common Core?

We have not adopted CCSS. Here is our perspective:

From its inception, Wheaton Christian Grammar School has embedded excellence into the fabric of the Christ-centered education offered its students. For over 75 years, WCGS continues its commitment to a rigorous academic program that prepares our graduates to excel and experience success as they move on to high school.

The Common Core State Standards (initiated by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers) have been adopted by more than 40 states, including Illinois in 2010. The intent was to provide a clear set of educational expectations (common set of standards) for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade that are more rigorous than previous State standards. Common Core standards are not a specific curriculum, an instructional methodology, a sequence of topics, or a requirement for particular materials. The long-term goal is for students to be more college and career ready when they graduate from high school. An organization called PARCC (The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) has developed and will be field testing English and Math assessments during the years ahead.  

As a private and distinctively Christian school, Wheaton Christian Grammar School is free to establish its curriculum independent of state and federal control.    

The educational program and curriculum at WCGS are already aligned to strong, national academic standards generated by the educational leaders at Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

WCGS is committed to the regular and rigorous evaluation of our educational program, standards, and curriculum, and will make decisions in these areas based on our own mission and values. We do not currently plan to adopt or implement the CCSS since we are already aligned to rigorous standards that address declarative, procedural, and contextual knowledge across the disciplines for 21st century success in high school, college and beyond.

Math Curriculum Philosophy, Gr. K-5

Wheaton Christian Grammar School is excited to implement a new K-5 mathematics curriculum published by Purposeful Design. Purposeful Design Mathematics emphasizes skill development and concept understanding. A primary goal of the series is for students to become skilled in mathematical algorithms—the processes and formulas for doing math accurately—but more importantly for students to develop a strong and deep understanding of the math concepts being studied. They will not only get right answers but they will be able to explain why the answers are correct as well. The series is based on the prominent use of manipulatives incorporating hands-on instruction, focuses on themes that integrate the patterns and numbers of God's creation, connects to real-life examples providing relevancy for students, and is designed to address learning success for all types of learners.

WCGS students will cultivate the five strands of mathematical proficiency as they achieve mathematical knowledge:
1. Understanding – concepts, operations, and relationships
2. Computing – skills and procedures for accuracy and efficiency
3. Applying – formulas, strategies, and procedures appropriately
4. Reasoning – explaining, justifying, and extending logic from known elements to unknown
5. Engaging – seeing mathematics as sensible, useful, and doable

Updated 8/2017

Math Curriculum Philosophy Update, Gr. 6-8

Glencoe Math, a robust middle school and high school math program, engages students to develop critical thinking skills in mathematics. Interactive, highly customizable, and adaptable, Glencoe Math provides the tools necessary to expand understanding using the latest technology. The series offers a great blend of print and digital content to fit the needs of diverse learners in a dynamic 21st century classroom. It provides multiple opportunities throughout each lesson for rigor, higher-order thinking, relevancy, and application of concepts, moving students toward a higher level of achievement.
Glencoe Math is represented in five progressive courses: Course 1, Course 2, Course 3, Math Accelerated, and Algebra.

Updated 8/2017

For more information about WCGS curriculum, please contact Mrs. Susan Macaluso, Director of Curriculum and Instruction.