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Spiritual Portfolios - What are they?

Spiritual Portfolios - What are they?

May 03, 2019

As we partner with parents to teach and nurture their child, we have set up ways to document their growth. Academically, we show this through grades and report cards. Heart-wise we do so through something called spiritual portfolios. Since we care about the whole student, not just their grades, we wanted to integrate a way for every student who graduates from WCGS to look back and see the work the Lord has done in his or her life. 

But, what is a spiritual portfolio? It is an individual file unique to each student that contains God-sightings and reflections on spiritual growth throughout each year the student has been enrolled at WCGS. Every school year, faculty and administration put items in each student's portfolio that shows the Lord's faithfulness. These could be from prompts and activities in class that showcase a student's heart, as well as little notes of milestones or memories a faculty member wanted to include.  

Here are a few examples of some items that go into the Spiritual Portfolios from each grade level:

  • "I can trust in God when..." (Kindergarten)
  • Kites of praise - attributes of God (Kindergarten)
  • Writing a personal Psalm of Thanks (1st Grade)
  • Journaling while spending time with God (1st Grade)
  • How has God blessed my family reflection (2nd Grade)
  • "I believe..." - personal statement of faith (2nd Grade)
  • Journaling what God is teaching me from the beginning to the end of the year (3rd Grade)
  • Year goals - at home, at school, and with God (4th Grade)
  • God sightings booklet (5th Grade)
  • Favorite Psalm interview with a parent (5th Grade)
  • Essay on creation (6th Grade)
  • Chapel takeaways (7th and 8th Grade)
  • Exit interview after each grade (7th and 8th grade)
  • Written response to the Holocaust and our sinful nature (8th Grade)

Whether the student attends WCGS for 1 year or 9 years, each student will receive their spiritual portfolio at the end of 8th grade. They can look at it and be able to reflect on their story with God and see how God and His Word were integrated into everything they learned.

This tradition began in August 2014 and has been a blessing to so many families. As the WCGS Administration says in their letter to parents when they receive the portfolio:

It has been our joy to provide time and space for your child to encounter God in life-changing ways. We pray these items will remind your child of his/her spiritual journey and the powerful work of the Holy Spirit in their life as they continue to study, learn, and grow.

We are thankful for the extra mile our faculty and staff go to nurture our students. It is a privilege to partner with parents as we teach and love their children.

If you have any other questions on our spiritual portfolios, biblical worldview integration, or our curriculum, feel free to reach out to Mrs. Susan Macaluso, Director of Curriculum and Instruction. 


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